Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Greetings from Mumbai, India. 

I am an Indian Catholic Christian of Portuguese Descent from the Former Portuguese Colony of Goa on the west coast of India. I was born and raised in Mumbai, India and I continue to live in Mumbai, India.

I am 42 years old.

I love the Catholic Church 24-7-365 and I specially love "The Divine Mercy Message and Devotion". My Family and I have promoted the Divine Mercy Message and Devotion in Mumbai, India for the last 25 years.

We have even spread the Divine Mercy Message and Devotion to Cities in Central India and in North India. It all started in 1994 and in 1995 when we got in touch with Divine Mercy Information Centre in Hong Kong which was run by a Chinese Catholic Evangelist by the name of Mr. John Bosco Wong.

He sent my family 100 Kgs of Divine Mercy Literature in 1996 and in 1997 meant for propagation in India. We used to take literature with us to various Catholic Churches in Bandra West and distribute it to Catholics explaining to them the significance of the Image of the Merciful Jesus Christ, the 3.00 prayer, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and the Feast of "Divine Mercy Sunday".

We did this throughout 1996 and 1997 when the Catholic Church had not yet given its seal of approval to "Divine Mercy Sunday" as a Church Feast.

My Father who is a Physician and Medical Microbiologist took with him several kilos of Divine Mercy literature to cities such as Indore and Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh State, and Patna in Bihar State when he had to attend "Medical Conferences" in those cities.

My Father would make it a point to meet either the local Catholic Bishop, or local Catholic Priests, or Lay Catholics and give them Divine Mercy literature for their perusal. This happened in the late 1990's.

Our Objective in promoting this beautiful devotion was to make known the all encompassing love of Merciful Jesus Christ for suffering and sinful humanity.

Now, in 2013 we as a family are extremely happy to know that the Divine Mercy Message and Devotion is spreading like wildfire all across Peninsular India and all across the world.

My Objective in starting this Blog is to create awareness among Catholics about the "Beauty of the Catholic Faith" as contained in Catholic Classics. Once in 2 weeks, I will be posting links to Catholic Classics in PDF Format or in HTML Format. 

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