Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Blessed Sacrament by Father Faber An Awesome Catholic Classic

 The Blessed Sacrament by Father Faber:

This is an intellectual treatise on the Blessed Sacrament which I personally found to be fabulous and excellent in my spiritual journey and which I am sure you will too.

"A more intelligent understanding of the Blessed Sacrament will lead to a more intense love of it. And what insights Fr. Faber renders !! He affirms that the Blessed Sacrament is the very "Life of the Church", that it is the Queen of the Sacraments and that it surpasses them all in that it comprises the special excellencies of all the rest.

He calls it "the compendium of all miracles", the central theme of our religion, the universal devotion of the Church and last but not the least, "a picture of God".

Read the whole book here

Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas Greetings to one and all from Mumbai, India. Christmas reminds me of Traditional Christmas Sweets like Marzipan, Milkcream, Coconut Sweet, Guava Cheese, and Chocolate Fudge to mention a few.

I pray that all the readers of my blog had a Holy and Blessed Christmas.

ECatholic2000 and Myself ---- A Personal Testimony and Thank You

Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary, I could not resist posting this letter about the positive role that ecatholic2000 has played in my life. ...