Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Sunday 2014- A New Way of Living Dedicated to the Risen Christ

Christ is Risen !! Peace to you !! Today, we celebrate the great mystery, the foundation of "Christian Faith" and hope : Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Crucified One has risen from the dead on the third day according to the Scriptures.

Let's imagine for a moment a scene in First Century Galilee. A middle aged man from a small village who considers himself ordinary has heard of an extraordinary preacher who is travelling around the region. He has healing powers -people have seen this but more than that, he speaks of a different way of living ;a way of living which involves loving each other as "Human Beings ".

He is caught by the story of this man and manages to slip away one day to listen to him. Hearing him, he falls in love with his dream and takes it home in his heart.

Wanting to know the Truth :

And then he hears of his death. An immense sadness fills him. He was very special. Some people said he was the "Son of God". In his heart he almost believed it. But now he's dead.

Imagine his face when a few days later the rumour flies through his village that he has risen from the dead. People have seen him; the tomb is empty!!

He hears the Apostles in Jerusalem proclaiming his resurrection and he is awestruck!! He realizes first hand how the Apostles seem to be transformed men proclaiming the "Risen Christ".

He wants to hear everything: How he had met the doubting disciples after rising and sharing meals with them : how he had shown them the marks of his cruel death on his risen body. All these details have new importance for him because he has risen from the dead.

What helps to keep him going is a special meal called the "Eucharist". Jesus Christ began it the night before he died and asked his followers to do this in his memory. (Luke 22:29)

He loves this gathering because Jesus Christ is so richly present at it- in himself and the others gathered there, in the stories concerning him which are told or read; in the sharing where his message throws light on his daily life;and in the meal itself where he meets him face to face and nourishes him and brings him into the mystery of his life and suffering and resurrection.

The Man in the story has no name. Let him have your name. The Risen Jesus Christ desires to relate with you as he related with him. As the Poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins puts it : "Let him Easter in us".

Happy Easter to you all.

Credits :

Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai

April 2008 Vol 9 No 12


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