Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Feast of Christ the King - 23rd November 2014

When Pope Pius, the 11th instituted the Feast of Christ the King in 1925 it was to remind us of the tragic illusion of trying to build a new world without Christ.

There was no intention to dictate a particular social system as alone compatible with the Law of Christ. Triumphalism or the pathetic attempts thereat are completely at odds in the celebration of this feast.

Declaration of Faith in Christ and loyalty to his Kingship is never arrogant. That Christ is King by natural right has its source in the doctrine of the Incarnation and the ineffable hypostatic union.

In his encyclical letter Pope Pius, the 11th enumerated the blessings he hoped would accrue to the Church and all human society as a result of the public observation of the feast.

The acknowledgment by the State of  Christ's Kingly rights would be the supreme guarantee for its own authority and for the human rights of its members. The Annual Celebration would remind the nations that not only individuals but rulers and princes are bound to give public honour and obedience to Christ.

It would remind Men of the last judgement when all will be called to render an account.

The Feast of Christ the King this year is a time for thinking about how the common good can be promoted, about securing the rights of men and about limiting or ending injustice to our fellowmen.

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Feast of Christ the King
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