Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Father Bernard Vaughan S.J. in one of his retreats told of the advice once given to him by his doctor when he was feeling tired and rundown : "Sit in the Sun. Wrap yourself up well, and just sit in the sun. Nothing will do you more good".

He applied this to the spiritual life by saying : " So I ask you to spend much time basking in the sunshine of the BLESSED SACRAMENT .... This sun bath is a great cure. Rest in the Sun and you will be enriched with his blessings".

This recalls the analogy with the electric powerhouse, suggested by another famous retreat master Father Walter Drum S.J. - he compared the Tabernacle with the electric power house. Over the door, of each might be placed the sign : "Power, Light, and Heat supplied here.

All that we need do is to turn on the switch- just kneel in prayer before the Tabernacle !! ".

Credits: Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai
             November 1986
             "The Abiding Presence"
               Page 24

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