Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Easter Sunday 2015 5thof April 2015

Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,

Wishing all the readers of my blog a Blessed and Holy Easter 2015.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Feast of Saint Joseph 19th March 2015

When we think of Saint Joseph we normally think of a grey - bearded old man as depicted in many medieval paintings.

The Gospels say very little about Saint Joseph, only that he was a "Just Man". Joseph himself never speaks in the Gospel stories and so our knowledge of Saint Joseph is somewhat shrouded in silence.

Yet, it is this silence that gives the greatest witness to the type of man that Saint Joseph was. He was a humble carpenter who didn't draw attention to himself but fulfilled his daily duties to the best of his ability with tremendous faith in God - A Faith which required him to believe that his wife had conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and to take her into his Home !!

Declared Patron of the Universal Church, by Pope Pius, the Ninth in 1870, Saint Joseph has a universal importance that no other saint (except Our Lady) has.

The Church looks to Saint Joseph to help her in all her necessities. These needs are reflected by the titles which Saint Joseph has been given by the Church. He is Patron of Families, of the dying, of the sick, of workers, and of marriages.

How many of us have parents, children, or loved ones who need help in some of the above areas ?? God has chosen Saint Joseph to be a special intercessor for these most fundamental of human needs.

Saint Therese of Avila says this of Saint Joseph : " To other saints the Lord seems to have given grace to help us in one or other of our necessities, but of this glorious saint my experience is that he succours us in them all and that the Lord wishes to teach us that as he was himself subject to him on earth, in like manner in Heaven, He still does all he asks".

As Jesus Christ, has given us his Mother Mary to be our Mother, so also he has given us Saint Joseph to be our guardian, helper, and protector in all things.

Credits : Don Bosco's Madonna Mumbai
              March 2014
              Vol -15, No -11
              Saint Joseph
              Page 30


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