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28th April Feast Day of Saint Louis Marie Grignon De Montfort and Catholic Classics written by this Awesome Saint


April 28 is the Feast Day of Saint Louis Marie De Montfort - A Great Marian Apostle.

He wrote 4 Books which have become quite popular among catholics in the past 4 decades. They are as follows:

1) A Letter to the Friends of the Cross

2) The Secret of Mary

3) The Secret of the Rosary

4) True Devotion to Mary.

Here is something about his life in France where he was born and ordained a Catholic Priest.

Saint Louis Marie De Montfort was the second son of his Parents, who had 18 children in all. Several of his brothers and sisters died very young.

He was baptized on February 1, 1673 the day after his birth. His Father was a Lawyer in the town of Montfort in Brittany, France. His Mother was a pious hard - working woman who gave him his first lessons in the spiritual life.

When he was 12 years old, he was sent to the College of Saint Thomas Becket which was taught by the Jesuit Fathers in the City of Rennes.

Already in college, he began to grow greatly in holiness. His love of holiness centred around his deep devotion to the Blessed Mother of God, of whom he was later to become an "Internationally known Apostle".

He entered the Seminary of Saint Sulpice and in that famous house of studies his great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary came to greater strength.

He consecrated himself entirely to Jesus through Mary. He formed a society among the seminarians to practice perfect devotion to the Blessed Virgin.

On June 5, 1700 He was ordained a Catholic Priest by Bishop Bazan De Flamanville of Perpignan. He spent several days preparing for his first mass.

He offered the "Holy Sacrifice of the Mass" for the first time in the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin in the Church of Saint Sulpice.

He wanted to go to America as a missionary but was refused. Instead, he became one of those preaching "Parish Missions" in his own country.

The Catholic and Marian Masterpiece - True Devotion to Mary:

Over the course of time and after some years, he wrote a book "True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin" which still continues to be considered one of the greatest "Marian Masterpieces and Classics of all time".

The perfect devotion he wrote of and taught in his preaching and in his book consists in an act of total consecration to Jesus through Mary.

Saint Louis Marie De Montfort was and is the great "Marian Apostle". He lived what he preached.

One can learn how to live consecration to Mary's Immaculate Heart by prayerfully studying his Masterpiece "True Devotion to Mary".

Those who would say De Montfort's "True Devotion" is of another age and culture have not properly understood or appreciated his message.

It is timeless causing many to consider it inspired. It is the Church of the present and past century that glorified this Saint whom "Divine Providence" used to usher in the Age of Mary.

The Mary Book Mother of Evangelism by Father Robert J. Fox
Chapter 8 - Saint Louis Marie Grignon De Montfort
Pages 201-205

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