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Introduction :

In the first centuries of the Church it was the custom to give to little children who had not yet lost the innocence of their baptism the "Consecrated Species" which remained after the Communion of the Faithful.

One day, a child the son of a Jewish Glass Founder of Constantinople while going to school with other "Christian Children" had followed them to the Church and innocently presented himself like the others and received the fragments of the "Holy Eucharist".

A Frightful Ordeal :

Having returned home, he narrated simply to his Father what he had done. The Father, then a most brutal man and one of the most passionate Jews against everything christian became at once infuriated. He seized the unfortunate child and threw him alive in one of his burning furnaces.

Sometime after that, the mother who had been away during the tragedy came home and not knowing what had taken place asked everywhere for her son.

As nobody could tell her where he could be, she went all about the town searching and asking for him but all was in vain.

Three days had already elapsed, and unconsolable the poor mother still wept bitterly over her lost child and in the excess of her sorrow she happened to call him aloud by his name as if he were present.

A Miracle :

Suddenly, A Wonder !! A Voice answered her and called to her by the tender name of Mother !!

Much moved, she ran to the furnace from where the voice seemed to come. She opened the lid and A Miracle !! Her son, was there in the middle of the flames but quite alive and uninjured.

She called her neighbours to her help and they too witnessed the miracle.

Our Lady's Presence :

The Child was drawn out and questioned how he had fallen into that burning furnace and how his life had been preserved in the middle of such a fire.

He answered that his Father had thrown him there, for having assisted at a Catholic Christian function but that a beautiful Lady radiant with light had preserved him from the flames by covering him with her cloak; she had even given him to eat to satisfy his hunger; and she looked exactly like the pious image he had seen in the Church of the Catholic Christians.

All understood then that it was the "Divine Mother of Jesus Christ" namely Mary who had saved his life and preserved him from the flames of the furnace.

Conclusion :

The Roman Emperor hearing of the cruel act of this unnatural father had him arrested and punished.

The wretched man instead of converting himself persisted the more in his error; but the mother and the child sought instruction in the "Catholic Religion" received baptism and became fervent Catholic Christians.

Credits and References :

"A Child saved by Mary"
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November 1986
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