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All of us know, that when you love someone very much you want to be with the one you love. A Mother can hardly wait to hold her newborn infant. A Father's Joy is to be with his children. Friends treasure the moments they spend together. Sweethearts love so deeply they find it painful to part.

We know that the more one loves, the more one wants to be with the object of one's affection. This explains the very mystery of our catholic faith the mystery of the "Real Presence". Jesus Christ stays with us day and night in the Blessed Sacrament simply because he loves each of us so much that he never wants to leave us.

Jesus Christ exclaims, "Behold, I will be with you always even until the end of the world (Matthew 28:20) Why ?? Because "I have loved you with an everlasting love and constant is my affection for you.

Again, "I will restore you and you shall be rebuilt". (Jeremiah 31: 3 )

This is the message of the Sacred Heart. At the Shrine of the Sacred Heart in Paray-Le-Monial France, there is a message inscribed on the wall: "If you believe in my love, if you really believe in my love then you shall see miracles of my love. I will reign in every heart and my victory shall be total and complete for I will reign through the omnipotence of my love in the Blessed Sacrament.

This is what Jesus Christ told Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque to tell the world. The key word is "omnipotent" all powerful. His Heart in the Blessed Sacrament is on fire with love for each person.

 He wanted to make it unmistakably clear that devotion to his Sacred Heart is devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. The Blessed Sacrament is the Sacred Heart of Jesus living in our midst today !!

His appeal through Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque is more urgent today than it was then : "I thirst with such a terrible thirst to be loved in this most Blessed Sacrament".

His message is that the Eucharist is not a thing, but a person, the person of Jesus Christ himself.

In the Blessed Sacrament, he said we would find the most loving of all Father's, our very best friend, with the tenderest of all hearts.

Saint John Vianney saw with his very own eyes Jesus Christ cup the face of each person who visited him in the Blessed Sacrament and give each one a tender kiss of gratitude. " I draw them with hands of love ........ I fostered them like one who raises an infant to his cheeks". (Hosea 11:4)

This is the tenderness we find in the Blessed Sacrament from a heart which is the most appreciative of our love. Jesus Christ asked "Who touched me referring to a woman who touched the tassel on his cloak. He wanted to know who touched him because "Power has gone out from me". (Luke 8:45)

Power goes out from Jesus Christ with each "Holy Hour" we make. Each Holy Hour touches his heart and releases his healing love upon the earth until one day there will be a new and a second pentecost.

The "Fire" that will destroy the materialistic world will be the fire of "Divine Love". The Fire of his heart will destroy the cold hatred of this world and establish the Kingdom of his Divine Love (Peter 3:10).

"Perpetual Adoration" will be the cause and the catalyst of this cosmic event.

Credits and References:

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