Monday, 19 October 2015

A Christopher

First of all, I would like to say that a "Christopher" is a "Bearer of Christ".

Here is what Catherine De Heuck has to say about a "Catholic Priest".

1. A Priest is a Lover of God.

2. A Priest is a Lover of Souls.

3. A Priest is a Holy Man because he walks before the Face of the all Holy.

4. A Priest understands all things.

5. A Priest forgives all things.

6. A Priest encompasses all things. The Heart of a Priest like Christ's; is pierced with the lance of love.

7. The Heart of a Priest is open, like Christ's, for the whole world to walk through. The Heart of a Priest is a vessel of compassion. The Heart of a Priest is a chalice of love.

8. A Priest is a man whose goal is to be another Christ.

9.  A Priest is a man who lives to serve. A Priest is a man who has crucified himself, so that he too may be lifted up and draw all things to Christ.

10.  A Priest is a man in love with God.

11. A Priest is the gift of God to man, and of man to God.

12. A Priest is a symbol of the Word made flesh.

13. A Priest is the sword of "God's Justice".

14. A Priest is the hand of God's Mercy.

15. A Priest is the reflection of God's Love.

He teaches God to us. He brings God to us. He represents God to us.

That is what, a Priest must be - that is what a Priest must bring to us of the Lay Apostolate !!

That, and nothing more .............................. Amen.

Credits and References :

"A Christopher"
Don Bosco's Madonna,  Mumbai
November 1986
Page 32

Note :  There are two "Eucharistic - Centred" Priests that I like very much. One of them is Father Robert Altier of the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and the other is Father Edmond Kline who has made some guest appearances at E.W.T.N. in the last 10 years.


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