Monday, 12 October 2015


Mass is over. Jesus Christ and I are alone together.

Just "All by Ourselves". If I can, I will always remain after Mass and make a good Thanksgiving.

This maybe my last Communion; I will make it my best. This maybe my last Thanksgiving; I will make it my best.

Thanks to others always, but always thanks to God; and with all my heart- these few are precious moments.

"Jesus Christ, I believe that you are my God. I believe that I have received your Body, your Blood, Your Soul, and Your Divinity.

You are my Creator, My Redeemer, My Sanctifier, My God for all eternity".

"Jesus Christ, I adore you as the Angels and Saints do in Heaven. My Lord, My God, My All !!"

"O Sacrament most Holy, O Sacrament Divine, All Praise and All Thanksgiving be every moment Thine".

"Jesus Christ, I thank you, now in my heart, for all that You have done for me; for all that You have given me.

For the gifts of my body: for my eyes, my ears, my tongue, my hands, my feet. (some cannot speak, see, and hear, as I can).

Thanks for my health. Thanks too, if sickness comes; Your Holy Will be done.

Thanks for the gifts of my soul, my memory, my intellect, my will.

Thanks for my heart; with all my heart I love your "Sacred Heart".

Thanks for this Holy Mass and my Holy Communion.

"Forgive me all my sins. All my sins of the day and all my sins of the night, even the least.

I will try never to sin again.

"Help me in temptation- Give me a quick and a strong will. Help me always to say "No" to Sin. - "No" to the occasions of sin, specially of my past sins. Take out of my heart all desire for any sin. Bring Sinners back. Keep me True".

Important :

"Jesus Christ, Bless me. Make me "just like you" and "just like Mary", pure and kind and prudent and brave. Inspire me to do only what is best.

Give me zeal. "Make me an Apostle". Give me souls and make a saint of me."

"Jesus Christ, I put my heart inside the open wound of your Sacred Heart. At times, I'm discouraged, my heart aches, it is almost broken; Yours ached first and most. It was pierced on the Cross for me.

Jesus Christ, Help me to carry my cross. Give me courage.

Jesus Christ, Bless the Catholic Church; our Holy Father; our Bishops; and all Priests.

Bless all Religious Brothers and Sisters.

Conclusion :

"Jesus Christ, Bless Vocations. Call many to "Follow You". Tell me what you want me to do for you. Bless non- catholics and draw them to Your Sacred Heart.

"Bless the Missions and the Millions of pagans in the world. You died for them as well as for me. I love them for your sake" Amen.

Credits :

Excerpted from "The Secret of Happiness" Prayer Book
                            Pages 67-69 Published by Peace of Christ Center,
                            Denver, Colorado U.S.A.


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