Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Introduction :

It is my objective and endeavour to bring Ex-Catholics back to the Catholic Church in 2015 as well as in 2016. I intend to achieve this through "Catholic Classics".

What I mean is this -- I want Catholics who have left the Catholic Church to read awesome and amazing "Catholic Books" posted on my Catholic Blog.

Many Catholics in India specially in "Metro Cities" have left the Catholic Church and have joined "Non - Denominational Churches".

Most of them are unaware of  "Catholic Classics" which encompass and explain the beautiful Catholic Faith.

In Cities like Mumbai in Maharashtra, Panjim and Margao in Goa, Bangalore in Karnataka, and Chennai in Tamil Nadu Catholics have left the Church for a variety of reasons; mostly for monetary reasons but some have also left because of animosity with Priests, or Nuns, or Bishops.

Let me tell you my personal story with regard to "Catholic Classics" and how they changed my life forever.

In Mid- 2012, 3 years back, I was quite angry with Catholic Priests because of negative experiences I had with them while growing up in Mumbai.

In the latter half of 2012, while surfing the "Net" for Catholic Websites I came across a beautiful, outstanding, and extra-ordinary Catholic Website called "E-Catholic 2000"-- "Catholics for the Third Millenium".

Once, I entered this amazing website I happened to stumble across four Catholic Classics--

1) Calvary and the Mass.

2) True Devotion to Mary.

3)  Secret of the Rosary.

4) Secret of Mary.

After reading these 4 Catholic Classics over a number of months - I lost all animosity I may have had against Catholic Priests in Mumbai or anywhere else.

I promise you that when you read these 4 books, you will be changed forever and will fall in love with the Catholic - Christian Faith instantly as I did.

These are 4 Books, that positively changes lives and souls.

Read them and you will never be sorry that you visited my "Catholic Blog" accidentally or purposely.

These "Catholic Classics" proudly promote Jesus Christ as the "Centre of our Faith".

The Catholic Church is more than 2000 years old. Let us never forget that.

These Catholic Classics present to us the vibrant Catholic Faith as it has been through the centuries.

Conclusion :

No one will ever regret reading "Catholic Books" @ my blog. These Catholic Books help to build one up in the faith and help to strengthen one about the truths of the Catholic Faith.

I strongly recommend 4 Catholic Classics to Catholics who have left the Church and who might visit my Catholic Blog in the future.

1) Calvary and the Mass


2)  True Devotion to Mary


3) Secret of the Rosary


4)  Secret  of Mary

Happy and Holy Reading.

Note : If I am a Catholic Today it is only because of "'E-CATHOLIC 2000 -CATHOLICS FOR THE THIRD MILLENIUM". They strengthened me in the Catholic Faith like no tomorrow.

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  1. Nativity of Lord church Priest has not been transferred though six years passed where as my neighbor church priest transferred though he was good in administration after three yrs.Should we say it is Gods grace,man power or earthly re-souse .News came from liginary that he is transferred but after 15 days same man told he is not transferred .My friend priest said that Bishop Dias was a good Administrator .He would visit church and if He found any priest out of the room after 11 PM ,He would lock the room and ask priest to come to his office.One day he observed priest seeing TV and layman blessing house .He immediately stopped this practice and asked priest to do work .Why my church should be closed full day on Monday .Why one assistant not given though we have doubled
    Should I say Devil won


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