Thursday, 8 October 2015

Eucharist-The Presence of Divine Mercy

In his great love for us, Lord Jesus Christ gave us a great miracle of mercy- the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Christ's Resurrection into glory was not the final reason for the Incarnation, when God became Man. The Incarnation looked forward to Jesus Christ remaining with us to the end of time in the Eucharist.

By this greatest miracle of his love, Jesus Christ remains with us under the form of bread and wine, not only for our spiritual nourishment, but to be kept company by us as well.

In the Holy Eucharist, Christ is fully present as he is in Heaven. The Eucharist explains Pope Leo, The 13th contains "in a variety of miracles, all supernatural realities".  ( Encyclical Mirae Caritatis)

The Eucharist is central to the devotion to the Divine Mercy and many of the elements of the devotion are essentially Eucharistic- specially the Image - Jesus, I trust in you, the Chaplet, and the Feast of Divine Mercy (Divine Mercy Sunday). ,

The Image, with its red and pale rays presents the Eucharistic Lord Jesus Christ, whose Heart has been pierced and now pours forth blood and water as a fountain of mercy for us. It is the Image of God's sacrificial gift of mercy made present in every mass.

Several Times in her Diary, Saint Faustina writes of seeing the red and pale rays coming not from the image, but from the Sacred Host; and once as the Priest exposed the Blessed Sacrament, she saw the rays from the Image pierce the Host and spread out from it all over the world.

So, too with eyes of faith we should see in every host the "Merciful Saviour" pouring himself out as a fountain of mercy for us.

This concept of the Eucharist as a fountain of grace and mercy is not only found in the "Divine Mercy Diary" but also in Church Teaching.

The Church clearly teaches that all the other sacraments are directed towards the "Holy Eucharist" and draw their power from it.

Credits and References :

The Divine Mercy Message and Devotion Handbook
Pages 33-35
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number
Nihil Obstat
Archbishop George H. Pearce S.M.
Former Archbishop of Suva, Fiji
Published by Marian Fathers - Stockbridge,  MA



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