Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Saint Martin of Tours -- A Soldier of Jesus Christ

Introduction :

He was not just another saint, he was one of the most outstanding saints in the great history of the early "Catholic Church", specially in the Church in France.

The Feast of Saint Martin of Tours is on the 11th of November that is precisely today. He was a "Roman Soldier" before he became an "Eloquent Preacher" of Christ and his Gospel.

Saint Martin of Tours was called the "Apostle of the Gauls" because of his efforts to evangelize and organize the Church in that region. He lived from 317 A.D. - 397 A.D.

Because of his wisdom and his zeal he was held up as a "model" for the entire "Gallic Region" of France.

Although, he was born a Roman in what is today "Hungary" then called "Pannonia" by the Romans; he is considered predominantly a French Saint -- A bit like Saint Francis of Assisi for Italy.

For this reason, the name Martin is very common in many European Countries.

His cult spread swiftly throughout France and Italy too, where many Churches were dedicated to him.

This phenomenon is observed also in Spain, England, Holland, and of course in Hungary as well.

In Germany, he is honoured in one of the most beautiful "Romanesque" Churches -- The Great Church of Saint Martin at Cologne.

Conclusion :

The Poet Fortunatus was right when he wrote : "Where Christ is known, Martin is honoured".

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