Friday, 25 December 2015

A Reflection for Christmas Day 2015

Introduction :

God willed to share in our human condition to the point of becoming one with us in the person of Jesus Christ, who is "True Man and True God".

However, there is something even more surprising. The presence of God among men did not take place in a perfect world, but rather in this real world, which is marked by so many things both good and bad, by division, by wickedness, by poverty, by arrogance, and finally by war.

He chose to live in our history as it is, with all the weight of its limitations and of its tragedies.

In doing so, he has demonstrated in an unequalled manner his merciful and truly loving disposition towards humans.

He is God - with us. Jesus Christ is God- with - us.

Jesus Christ is God with us always and forever with us in history's suffering and sorrow.

The Birth of Jesus Christ reveals that God "sided" with man once and for all, to save us, to raise us from the dust of our misery, from our difficulty, and from our sins.

Conclusion :

This is the great "gift" of the Child of Bethlehem. He gives us a spiritual energy, an energy which enables us not to despair in our struggles, in our hopelessness, in our sadness, for it is an energy that transforms us.

Indeed, the Birth of Jesus Christ brings us delightful news that we are loved immensely and uniquely by God, and he not only enables us to know this love, but he communicates it to us !!

Credits and References :

"A Place for the Poor on Christmas"
by his Holiness Pope Francis
December 2013
Don Bosco's Madonna Mumbai,
Vol -16, N0- 8
December 2014
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The Nativity of Christ.


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