Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Lent 2016- Lenten Spirituality

Introduction :

When we contemplate the "Way of the Cross" in Lent we see Christ fall not once but three times, and  each time he gets up and drives himself on even though it is to worse torture ending in death.

These falls are telling us something important. God was using the very last stages of his Son's life on earth to drive home to us something vital, something that we all need to know : that we must never give up once we have accepted to do "God's Will".

The Christian way of life means seeing in every other person, be they rich or poor, strong or weak, good or bad, White, Black, Yellow, or Brown, someone beloved of God, someone that we too must love, and love through service, no holding back.

We must not listen to words such as, "Why bother, they won't thank you for it,". Our Lord Jesus Christ fell and it hurt him, the heavy cross on top of him, the hard stony ground beneath his raw and battered body, yes it hurt him but he did not give up.

He did not say, "What good is this doing; who really cares ??"

And indeed, who did care at that time ??

They were all around him, jeering and shouting abuses at him, and still he had compassion on them : "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do".

All that Our Lord Jesus Christ taught about loving and serving all that he showed by example in his own way of life can be summed up in these terrible falls.

Life may hit us hard. It often does and we collapse and are near despair.

How often at those times, have we been told to look around and we will be sure to see someone who is worse off than ourselves.

It is not very comforting, but it is true.

We must not give in, but instead put all our trust in "Jesus Christ - The Divine Mercy" and say Jesus, I trust in you who will help us up so that we can carry on and help others in our turn.

Conclusion :

Our Lord Jesus Christ, showed by His Passion and Death exactly what he meant when he said, we must love and serve.

Words alone are not enough. In true humility, we must be prepared to serve whomsoever of our fellow men and women may be in need, not just when we feel like it, but even when we are feeling down ourselves.

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, sums it up with the words, "Give until it hurts".

This is the sum and substance of "Lenten Spirituality".

Note : On this Ash Wednesday, I extend my Lenten Blessings to all the readers of my blog and to all souls.

Credits and References :

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Pages 8-9, Vol - 14, N0-11
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Note : Please read an excellent article on Lent.

The Mystery of Lent


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