Monday, 7 March 2016

Don Bosco and the Holy Eucharist

Introduction :

Let us consider today what Don Bosco did, specially by his example, to make Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament tenderly loved and duly worshipped.

The Greatest Proof of His Love :

As if Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Calvary were not sufficient to prove his love for us, Jesus Christ on the very night before he died, gave us the Gift of "Himself" in the Eucharist, a gift so stupendous that the great Saint Augustine does not hesitate to declare that :

1) Infinitely wise though God is, He knows nothing greater than the Eucharist.

2) Infinitely powerful though God is He can do nothing more wonderful than the Eucharist.

3) Infinitely rich though God is, He has nothing more precious to give us than the Eucharist.

Our Duties :

Our Duties towards Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament correspond to the 2 monuments of Our Eucharistic Saviour's Love for us : The Tabernacle and the Altar.

The Tabernacle :

Nothing was so edifying as the sight of Don Bosco in prayer before the Tabernacle.

Never a day would pass without his "Eucharistic Visit". "Where can we ever find so understanding and compassionate a friend; he would ask - where find a ear that is never tired of listening to us; where find a voice that never tires of whispering to us those words of consolation most adapted to strengthen and support us ??"

The Altar :

Don Bosco's living faith in the "Real Presence" made him celebrate Mass with devotion that was truly touching. Anyone could see that Don Bosco was intimately convinced of what he so often said : "The Mass is the holiest action in the Priest's day".

How eloquently, how movingly, Don Bosco spoke about the Mass -- the prophecies concerning it in the Old Testament, its institution, its nature, its excellence and value.

Don Bosco would insist on frequent "Holy Communion". Indeed, he was an Apostle of this most salutary practice. Here too his code was clear and explicit.

"Jesus Christ, having instituted this Sacrament for the welfare of our souls, wishes us to receive it often.

Here are the words with which he invites us : "Come to me, all you that labour and are heavily burdened, and I will refresh you".

Who could ever resist this loving invitation of our Divine Saviour ??

The early Catholic Christians went daily to hear the word of God and to receive Holy Communion.

The Blessed Sacrament gave to the Martyrs their strength and endurance. It gave fervour to Virgins and courage to Saints.

How often do we approach the Altar to receive this "Heavenly Food" ??

Conclusion :

Let us ask Don Bosco to obtain for us something of his ardent love for Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. Let us give expression to that love by visiting Jesus Christ often in "His Tabernacle of Love" by participating actively and devoutly at the "Holy Sacrifice of the Mass" and by receiving Jesus Christ lovingly into our hearts.

Credits and References :

"Don Bosco and the Eucharist"
Pages 24-27
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