Saturday, 19 March 2016

Saint Joseph -- A Guardian to Jesus Christ

Feast of Saint Joseph 19 March 2016

Introduction :

It would be a good idea to take up the subject of guardianship with regard to Saint Joseph's relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Saint Joseph is the "Model Educator" who watches over and accompanies Jesus Christ as he grows in wisdom, age, and grace.

He was not the natural father of Jesus Christ. The Father of Jesus Christ was God, but he was a legal and foster father to him.

Saint Joseph together with Mother Mary "cared" for Jesus Christ with regard to his physical and psychological growth.

He saw to it that Jesus lacked nothing with regard to his healthy development.

Let us never forget that guarding faithfully over the "Holy Child's" life also entailed the Flight to Egypt, the harsh experience of living as refugees -- Saint Joseph was a refugee along with Jesus Christ and Mother Mary so as to escape Herod's murderous threats.

Once, they returned home and settled in Nazareth -- Saint Joseph instructed Jesus in his line of work as a "Carpenter".

This shows us that Saint Joseph was interested in the Life of Jesus Christ from an all round perspective.

Saint Joseph was a "wise man" who instructed the young Jesus Christ to listen attentively to "Sacred Scripture" and he accompanied him every Saturday to the Synagogue in Nazareth, where Jesus Christ could learn and grasp everything about God and his Holy Word.

Conclusion :

The Mission of Saint Joseph is unique and unrepeatable, because Jesus Christ is absolutely unique.

Saint Joseph is the "Model Father" and "Model Educator" as a Guardian to Jesus Christ.

Let us imitate Saint Joseph on his feast day by applying his virtues in our life and to those under our care.

Credits and References :

"The Mission of a Guardian"
By His Holiness Pope Francis
Pages 18-19
Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai
March 2015
Vol-16, N0-- 11

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