Tuesday, 31 May 2016


My Mother, Mrs Lena D'sa who recently passed away was one of the most loving, caring, decent, concerned and God - Fearing persons I have come across in my life ever.

She was intelligent, learned, and taught us about our faith, and led by example, throughout our lives. I remember her teaching me prayers and songs that I carry with me in my heart and spirit.

She was a nature -lover in every sense of the word. She listened, and taught us to develop our listening ears and seeing eyes for all the wildlife around us. She knew the times the birds would come to visit in the trees and made us excited to be a part of it.

She had "Green Thumbs"  in the gardening sense and everything she grew thrived wonderfully. She was very happy watching her garden grow and sharing from it with others. She even once grew water melons in a Styrofoam Box !!

Mummy loved to listen to Music, she learned and loved to play the piano, so we listened to and appreciate a very wide range of music that we owe completely to her encouragement.

Important :

Mummy was born on the 18th of September 1938 and 33 years later, I came into the world on the same day. I was so proud to share my birthday with her.

No matter what the situation we were in as a family, she always found a way to be generous to us and to others.

She really loved people and this was shown in the big and little things she did for us and them, specially caring devotedly for her parents.

And one of the main things that has stayed with me is to be kind to people, no matter what the situation.

Many in Mumbai and in Bandra West, will know her as a "Prolific Promoter" of the Divine Mercy Devotion in Mumbai, India.

Mummy was not very Internet - Savvy, but she still encouraged me to start Blogs -- Both on Wildlife and on Catholic Classics.

Both my Sister Elaine and I miss her very much.

My Dad misses her too.

She was an excellent cook in more ways than one.

I thank you all, specially her dear friends who loved her so much, for loving her back as they did.

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