Monday, 18 July 2016

Francis Kesy and His 4 Companions 1920-1942

Introduction :

On September 1, 1939 Hitler invaded Poland at the beginning of the Second World War.

The Salesian House in Poznan on Wroniecka  Street was occupied and turned into barracks for German Wehrmacht Soldiers.

Polish Catholic Youngsters continued to gather in the woods outside the City as well as in the City's many parks.

In September 1940, Francis Kesy  and 4 of his companions from the Oratory were arrested by the Gestapo and accused of belonging to a secret and illegal organisation.

They were taken to the fearful Fort 7 near Poznan where they were horribly tortured by the Gestapo and interrogated.

Following this, they were taken to various other prisons where they were brutally tortured. Taken back to Poznan, they were processed, accused of high treason and condemned to death.

Conclusion :

They were martyred by Nazi Soldiers at Dresden on August 24, 1942. They constantly prayed the Rosary as well as engaged in Morning and Evening Prayer.

Their Faith never wavered. They were Martyrs till the very end.

Credits and References :

Francis Kesy and His 4 Companions
Page 10
Don Bosco's Madonna, Mumbai
March 2016
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