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Leo Burger -- One with Christ

Introduction :

Hergensweiller is a pretty part of Southern Germany. On the 23rd of September 1912, Leo Burger was born into a very large, devout, and God-Fearing Catholic Family.

From a humble labourer, His Father rose to the post of Inspector of Constructions.

Every Evening, the whole family prayed the Family Rosary. Every Morning, before school the Parents with the children attended the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The Youngster Grows Up :

At School, Leo immediately distinguished himself with his application to study. He had a keen intellect.

Between play and study, he revealed his secret attraction for the "Blessed Sacrament". Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist attracted him like a magnet. His Eucharistic Love like any love gradually became irresistible.

He frequented the Middle School at Lindau that was 12 KM from his town.

During his time at Lindau, he began his day with Holy Mass and Holy Communion. Before leaving the Church, he spent a few moments in prayer, entrusting his life to the Madonna.

The Young Vocation :

Leo's two older brothers were already studying at the Salesian Minor Seminary at Burghausen for the Priesthood.

Leo wanted to follow them in their footsteps and spoke to his father about this important matter.

His Parents were exceedingly happy but they asked him to reflect, to pray to Our Lady, and to wait. Leo prayed for a long time so that he would be able to make a good decision.

On January 27th 1927, the 15 year old Leo was accepted by the Minor Seminary at Burghausen.

From the first day, his favourite place was the Chapel near the Tabernacle.

Whenever, Leo disappeared, and was nowhere to be found he would be discovered before the Blessed Sacrament gazing at Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist with love.

He was extremely happy when the Blessed Sacrament was solemnly exposed in the Monstrance on the Holy Altar.

One with Jesus Christ :

Those close to him testified : "Leo Burger resembled Dominic Savio".

I often saw him spending much of his free time before the picture of Mary, Help of Christians. His frequent visits to Church only showed how much he burned with love for the Eucharistic Saviour and how he loved the Mother of the Saviour.

Leo Burger once wrote in a letter -- Jesus Christ and I are one. Before the Blessed Sacrament, there is just Jesus Christ and Me, and Me and Jesus Christ.

I couldn't think of anything more beautiful.

Meeting God :

On July 15th 1929, Leo Burger came home exhausted, hoping to recover. But, he was immediately sent to Bed as seriously ill.

He immediately realized that he would be meeting God soon.

While, in Bed he celebrated his last birthday ( November 23rd 1929). He was 17 years old.

At Christmas, he wanted all his dear ones around his bed and together they sang Silent Night in German.

His first preoccupation was that his parents should not worry as he grew more ill.

On the Feast of the Epiphany, in the Year 1930 he serenely received Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist for the last time.

On January 8th 1930, he calmly and consciously passed away at 4.00 in the afternoon.

Conclusion :

Leo Burger was the German Dominic Savio.

Credits and References :

One with Christ ---- Leo Burger
By Paolo Risso
Pages 13-15
Don Bosco's Madonna Mumbai
April 2007, Vol 8, N0-12


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