Friday, 21 October 2016

An Apostle of Christ from the Land of the Rising Sun

He is a Martyr even though he was not killed for the faith.

He is a Martyr because despite his wealth and power he chose the path of Poverty, Humiliation, and Complete Obedience to God's Will.

His name is Justo Takayama Ukon.

He was a Feudal Lord who lived in Feudal Japan but who chose the "Rocky Road" over a life of comfort.

Ukon made a conscious choice to follow along the footsteps of the Crucified Jesus Christ.

He showed no hesitation in renouncing his high social status, his nobility, and wealth and comforts in order to maintain an intimate bond with Jesus Christ and be publicly faithful to the Gospel.

Ukon was a Samurai of Jesus Christ, who acted according to his conscience and fought the good battle -- A Non - Violent Battle as an ardent disciple of Jesus Christ.

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