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Becoming An Apostle of Divine Mercy

Apostles of Divine Mercy :

What is an Apostle of Divine Mercy ??

APOSTLE -- is derived from the Greek meaning one who is sent or MESSENGER.

OF DIVINE -- meaning of course of God.

MERCY -- or misericordia  in Latin which is made up of 3 smaller words.

MISERIS -- miserable.

COR -- heart or love.

DARE -- to give.

So, an Apostle of Divine Mercy is one who brings the message of God's Love to the miserable. For, no one that is aware of God's existence and love could ever be miserable. Unfortunately, the world is full of miserable people.

The Message of Merciful Love :

Formerly, in the Old Testament the Holy Spirit spoke through the Prophets, today he speaks continuously. Jesus Christ to the Mystic Carmela Carabelli, Milan, May 1968.

The Messages are in the words of "Jesus" himself in the form of conversations with Mamma Carmela profound words of wisdom, words of counsel, and tremendous comfort and answers to questions we never ask because we don't know who to ask.

"I ask your help, as a beggar asks alms, will you help me ?? Jesus Christ Milan, 1969".

Jesus Christ asks for New Apostles :

My beloved daughter, I wish you to find new apostles to make a wide distribution of my message. I want to enter into each family to convert the hardest hearts. Take my Image to Hospitals, Hospices, Schools, Homes, and to the ends of the earth if you can.

Speak now to the whole world of my message of "Merciful Love". I will help you find new apostles. They will be my new elect and the beloved ones of my Heart and they will have a special place therein.

I will bless their families and I will deputise for them in directing their affairs if they give time to me. I will carry out in full that which I have told you in the Gospel. To him who seeks first the Kingdom of God and His Justice all the rest will be given in abundance.

And I say to you : " To anyone who propagates confidence and love towards my Mercy, I will give a hundred fold in this life and the next."

From the message of Merciful Love, Milan 27th April 1969.

History behind the message of Merciful Love :

The Message of Merciful Love, was received by Carmela Carabelli during a period which lasted some ten years from 1968 to 1978. It began in the Year that Rome had at last accepted new information on the "Revelations to the servant of God" Sister Helena Faustina  Kowalska and issued the first of two Decrees by which the Process of Beatification was formally opened on her behalf. The date was 31st January 1968. This was thirty years after the death of Sister Faustina.

In this same year in the north of Italy in the City of Milan, a widow with a large family who had given her whole life to works of mercy and charity in her city was praying one evening when she heard a voice, it said "You will be another witness to my Divine Mercy, I will bless you and give you special graces.

I ask your help as a beggar asks alms, Will you help me ?? I want you to find new Apostles, and once again spread my message of "Merciful Love" to the ends of this Earth."

Mankind keeps losing sight of the meaning of life. On the 12th of April 1969, the eve of Low Sunday, Jesus Christ spoke to her of the Feast of Mercy "a day of great forgiveness and reconciliation".

On the 22nd of March 1970, Sister Faustina herself gave a message to Carmela and her Prayer Group. (The Mother of Divine Love Prayer Group), she said it is not the first time that I come among you but it is the first time that I wish to speak, I am Sister Faustina and I ask you to make with particular devotion the Novena of Divine Mercy, so that all Men will begin to believe in the mystery of salvation, which is contained in the Devotion to the Divine Mercy.

Credits and References :

Divine Mercy Publications
P.O. Box 2005
Dublin 13, Ireland

Apostles Prayer :

Merciful Jesus Christ, We believe in thee and we trust in thee. Come to the aid of our weakness and our incapacity. Grant that we may be able to make thee known and loved by all men, and that confident in the immensity of thy love we may be able to combat the evil which is in us and in all the world, for thy Glory and our salvation Amen.

Nihil Obstat

Pietro Santoro

Bishop of Termoli

This beautiful prayer was inspired by Jesus Christ himself to Mamma Carmela on 22nd of April 1969 in Milan.

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