Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Easter 2017 -- The Resurrection

Introduction :

It was barely dawn on the third day after the burial of Jesus Christ and he rose. No stone could keep him in the tomb. History was changed forever because of this.

Mary, His Mother kept watch through the long hours of that sorrowful Sabbath. Jesus Christ loved his Mother so much ........ tradition has it that he visited her before any other human eye would see him.

There must have been very few words spoken. There was an unspeakable joy when love knew no bounds. Mary suffered with her son and now she shares his joy.

When the Women, came in the morning they were puzzled finding the tomb open. The Angel simply said "Do not be Afraid". I know you have come to see Jesus of Nazareth. He is not here, he has risen !!

Poor Mary of Magdala stood outside the empty tomb ..... but when Jesus Christ called out to her, her joy knew no bounds. She ran and told his friends ........ He has risen and I have seen him.

The Apostles, paralyzed with fear and overcome by sadness were huddled together in the upper room. Suddenly they found Jesus Christ in their midst : "Peace be with You" He said "It is I. Do not be afraid".

See a Spirit has no flesh and bones like I have.

They still could not believe their eyes so to convince them ...... he decided to eat some grilled fish with honey. looking around, he said : "Receive the Holy Spirit, whose sins you forgive, are forgiven".

Thomas, one of the Apostles was not with them when Jesus Christ visited the Apostles. He was adamant and wanted to put his fingers into the wounds of Christ.

Christ visited again, after some time and said to Thomas ...... "See my hands and my feet ....." Thomas could only say : My Lord and My God !!

Towards morning, Jesus Christ visited the Apostles again and they had caught a large quantity of fish during the night. So, when they saw him they knew it was the Lord Jesus Christ. He immediately called them ashore and had breakfast with them which consisted of baked fish and baked bread.

Conclusion :

Jesus Christ was seen quite a few times after the resurrection but today he is alive among his successors; namely the Vicar of Christ and the Bishops and Cardinals of the Catholic Church.

He promised to be with his apostles and he continuously keeps this promise down the centuries through his "Real Presence" in the Holy Eucharist where he remains with us Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity 24-7-365.

He is truly "The Good Shepherd" in the Blessed Sacrament in more ways than one.

Credits and References :

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Rev, Fr. Edwin D'Souza S.D.B.


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