Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows September 15 2017

Introduction :

Our Lady was subject to pain and suffering throughout her life. Yes, certainly she was without sin but she was human like the rest of us and was not protected from painful human emotions.

Think for instance of the three days she spends looking for Jesus Christ and the disappointment which she expresses when she discovers that he had not told her that he would remain in the temple. This one incident reminds us that Jesus Christ also grew in independence -- his teenage years were beginning.

As Julian of Norwich points out : it was not in fun that Christ died for us -- it certainly was not !!  The inexpressible pain and suffering of the Mother who walked with her Son towards the Hill of Calvary is best represented in Michelangelo's beautiful "Pieta".

The journey has come to an end, every humiliation and blow has pierced her heart to the very core ---- the "Sword of Sorrow" has come to fulfilment !!

Why I ask, did somebody so good and so holy have to suffer so much ?? The answer of course was for love. Christ suffered most because he loved most. His most perfect disciple, Our Lady who loved him more than anyone else willingly took on his suffering.

The model of "Our Lady of Sorrows", as represented in the "Pieta" head bowed in anguish, her body almost as lifeless as that of her dead son Jesus Christ is the model of hope and comfort for all those who suffer in this world.

Those who despair daily; the innocent victims of war-ravaged countries; the emaciated bodies in famine stricken countries; those who suffer mental torture; all those who suffer from the lack of love in our society.

Conclusion :

All can come and find solace and love in the embrace of this courageous and lovely lady. Her compassionate heart gives hope to all of us. She knows, she understands, for she is "Our Lady of Sorrows".

Credits and References :

The Heart that gives by Pat O'Leary
Pages 18-19
Don Bosco's Madonna Mumbai
September 2007
Vol-9, N0-5


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