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Feast of the Queenship of Mother Mary 22nd August 2017

Introduction :

The small and simple young girl of Nazareth became Queen of the World. We contemplate the Mother of Christ crowned by her Son, in other words associated with his universal kingship as she is portrayed in numerous mosaics and paintings.

This is one of the marvels that reveals "God's Heart". Of course, Mary's Queenship is totally relative to Christ's Kingship. He is the Lord whom after the humiliation of death on the Cross -- the Father exalted above any other creature in Heaven and on earth and under the earth. (Phillipians 2:9-11).

Through a design of grace, the Immaculate Mother was fully associated with the mystery of the Son : in his Incarnation; in his earthly life, at first hidden at Nazareth and then manifested in the messianic ministry; in his Passion and Death and finally in the glory of his Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven.

The Mother did not only share the human aspects of this mystery with the Son. She also shared, through the work of the Holy Spirit within her, his profound intention, the divine will, so that the whole of her poor and lowly life was exalted, transformed, and glorified passing through the "Narrow Door" which is Jesus Christ himself. (Luke 13:24).

Yes, Mother Mary was the first person to take the "Way" to enter the Kingdom of God that Christ opened, a way that is accessible to the humble, to all who trust in the word of God and endeavour to put it into practice.

Conclusion :

In the History of the Cities and Peoples evangelized by the Christian Message there are many testimonies of public veneration -- in some cases even institutional of the Queenship of the Blessed Mother.

Today, however let us as children of the Catholic Church above all renew our devotion to the One whom Jesus Christ bequeathed to us as Mother and Queen.

Credits and References :

A World of Brothers and Sisters by Emeritus Pope Benedict 16
Pages 18-19
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