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Book Of Isaiah -- Chapter 53 Prophecy of the Suffering Christ

This is a Lenten Special.

The Prophet Isaiah was a Counsellor to Kings in Ancient Israel.

He correctly predicts the Suffering, Passion, and Death of the Messiah in Chapter 53.

Various Verses in Chapter 53 recount the Horror that visited Christ who was like an Innocent Lamb to the Shearers ( These are the Barbaric Roman Soldiers).

The Scourging, Whipping, and Crowning of Thorns is correctly predicted by the Prophet Isaiah in verse after verse.

It is evident from a cursory reading of Chapter 53 that Christ was "Predestined" to Die for Sinful Humanity.

Meditations during Lent :

A) The Wound of Rejection :

He was spurned and avoided by Men Isaiah 53: 39

Jesus Christ saw down through the ages how he would be left bitterly alone forsaken by all and sundry.

He realized how he would be rejected by so many and appreciated only by few among his chosen people.

It is widely believed that Jesus Christ sweated Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane brought about by a broken heart caused by betrayal and indifference.

B) The Wound of Misunderstanding :

He was pierced for our offences, crushed for our sins; upon Him was the chastisement that makes us whole by his stripes we are healed. (Isaiah 53:4)

Jesus Christ is "Heavenly Wheat" who was subject to Hellish Torment at the hands of his Executioners. He was scourged brutally by the Roman Soldiers and their accomplices.

The Bitter Pain, faced by Jesus Christ is unfathomable when he came face to face with Pilate -- The Governor.

The Shouting Mob preferred a hardened rogue and criminal namely Barrabas as compared to the Person of Our Divine Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Shouting Mob failed to appreciate his Divine Love and failed to recognize Him as the God -- Man.

C) The Wound of Ingratitude :

There was in Him no stately bearing to make us look at him, nor appearance that would attract us to Him, spurned and we held him in no esteem. ( Isaiah 53 : 2)

There is not only a Crown of Thorns on the Divine Head of Jesus Christ, but also around his Divine Heart.

Jesus Christ, the Holy Lamb of God is not respected for who he is simply because there is no majesty or kingly appearance about him. His appearance during his Sorrowful Passion is such that Men want to hide their faces from Him.

D) The Wound of Failure : He was counted among the wicked ( Isaiah 53 : 12)

Jesus Christ embraced His Cross because he loved Humanity immensely. Just as a Traveller from the country namely Simeon helped Christ carry his Cross, so also the Divine Saviour aids us in carrying our various crosses.

All trials that we suffer lead us to a complete union with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was a "Unique Person" who drew good out of every evil that was thrust upon him. He was successful in converting Humanity's Failures to a complete good outcome.

E) The Wound of Abandonment :

He was cut off from the Land of the Living ( Isaiah 53 : 8)

Jesus Christ, when he was on the Cross realized that he was completely abandoned specially by sinful humanity.

Nobody wanted him except God the Father. He now commends each one of us to the Eternal Father forever and ever Amen.

Credits and References :

The Sorrowful Mysteries
Pages 286-297
From Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament
By Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament
Year 2003


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