Sunday, 15 January 2017

God the True Shepherd and Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd

There is a deep rooted connection between the Book of Ezekiel Chapter 34 Verses 11-16 and the Gospel of John Chapter 10 Verses 1-18.

God is the True Shepherd who is constantly looking out for us -- His Sheep. His Love is an everlasting Love. We are His "Precious Souls" who matter most to Him.

God is an "Authentic Shepherd" who will collect all His Sheep who have been scattered among various countries close and far.

God is a caring shepherd that will feed all his sheep with the Body and Blood of His Son in the Holy Eucharist which is a Sacrament of Grace and Mercy.

God feeds his Sheep with the finest wheat that is available and present in the Holy Eucharist.

God is a Shepherd that makes available good grazing land for his sheep namely the "Sacraments".

In John Chapter 10 Verses 1-18, Jesus Christ openly says that He is the "Good Shepherd". He leads us on the right path to God the Father. He refreshes us on our everlasting journey by filling us with Life Giving Waters of Grace.

Jesus Christ is a "Caring Shepherd" to be distinguished from False Shepherds who come in various disguises to lead precious souls down the garden path to perdition.

Jesus Christ cares for each one of us who are His "Precious Sheep". He is constantly caring for us and goes out looking for stray sheep and lost sheep.

His Desire is to have One Flock and One Shepherd.

Finally, One can say that Jesus Christ the True and Good Shepherd is "Spiritual Medicine" for us who is the ultimate Guardian of Our Souls.


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