Sunday, 1 January 2017

Jesus Christ as a Mature Youth in the words of the Prophet Isaiah

Today, I am dealing with Jesus Christ as a Young Man in the words of the Prophet Isaiah.

Chapter 11 of the Book of Isaiah -- Verses 1-5 deal exclusively with the spiritual awakening and maturing of Jesus Christ.

It is in these verses that we learn about the Plan of God the Father, for Jesus Christ.

Herein, lies not only the "Messianic Call" but the acknowledgement by Jesus Christ that not only God is His Father but that He is the only begotten "Son of God".

Here, He has numerous debates with Scripture Scholars and leading Pharisees.

Jesus Christ, begins to discern those who are for God and those who are not.

He clearly discerns Good from Evil.

He accepts Baptism in the River Jordan at the hands of his Beloved Cousin -- John the Baptist.

He also realizes, that he is being persecuted by a large section of Pharisees simply because he calls himself -- The Son of God.

After receiving the "Messianic Call", He goes about preaching the Kingdom of God, curing people of various maladies of Body and Soul, raising the Dead to Life, and chasing out people from the Temple who have made it a "Bazaar" or Market Place of sorts.

Jesus Christ matures fully at this point of time and realizes that some will accept him as the "Messiah" and some will not.

In Chapter 11, Verses 1-5; Jesus Christ is the Messiah -- The Chosen One.

Finally, the Famous Beatitudes on the Mount are delivered by Jesus Christ where he calls on people who worship him to be meek and love one another as a part of the Christian Vocation to Godliness.

Please read Chapter 11 of the Book of Isaiah Verses 1-5 for your spiritual nourishment.


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