Sunday, 12 February 2017

Jesus Christ and Sister Josefa Menendez

From 1919 to 1923, Jesus Christ showed himself to the Spanish Sister Josefa Menendez and gave her a great message for the world, telling her : "The Soul which eats my flesh possesses God, the Author of Life and so that soul becomes my Heaven.

Nothing can be compared with it in beauty. The Angels, admire this soul and since God is in it they prostrate themselves and adore.

"Your Soul, therefore is my Heaven and each time you receive me in the Eucharist, my grace increases in you and its beauty grows.

Again on March 7th 1923, Jesus Christ appeared to this Sister to show her the feelings He had when he instituted the Blessed Eucharist.

He said to her "My Daughter, I want to make you know what my Heart suffered in the Hour in which not being able to contain the fire which consumed me, I invented this wonder of love, the Holy Eucharist !!

Contemplating all the souls, which would have eaten this Divine Bread I saw all the coldness of so many souls !!

What suffering to my Heart !!

And, yet I remain in the Tabernacle Day and Night waiting for whoever chooses to receive Me !!

The Holy Eucharist is the Invention of Love. It is the Life and Strength of Souls, the remedy for all their weaknesses and the viaticum for their passage to eternity.

Credits and References :

Marian Eucharistic Centres
The Eucharistic Jesus and His Miracles
Pages 50-51
Year 1977
Italy -- Rome

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