Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Enrico Saiz -- A Noteworthy Spanish Martyr

95 Members of the Salesian Family were martyred during the Spanish Civil War.

The Groups at Seville and Madrid were headed by Father Enrico Saiz Aparicio.

Father Enrico was the courageous Rector of the Salesian Minor Seminary at Carabanchel Alto on the outskirts of Madrid.

When the Militia burst into the institution, He said "If You want Blood, Here I am. But don't harm the Boys".

The Boys were released while Father Enrico was captured and killed.

A short time before, He died He confided to a Friend : "What is better than dying for the Glory of God ??

He offered His Life in exchange for the lives of His Boys who had been entrusted to him by Divine Providence.

He gave Himself for them, till His Last Breath.

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