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The Marian Shrine of Our Lady of Sheshan

The Month of May is a Month dedicated to Our Lady.

Catholics Don the Robe of Pilgrims and Flock to Marian Shrines all over the world.

May is Our Mother Mary's Special Time in China. It is the time when Chinese Catholics from all walks of life visit Shrines of Our Lady in various parts of China.

An Outstanding part of Devotion to Our Lady is the Faith of Chinese Catholic Fishermen who make the time to visit Sheshan faithfully Year in and Year Out.

In 1989, Pope Saint John Paul the Great, had said that through his prayers Our Lady of Sheshan also known as Our Lady Help of Christians would be a "Benevolent Mother" to the Chinese People.

Sheshan surrounded by Nine Peaks is some 35 Kilometres from the City of Shanghai.

Its Bamboo Forests, Winding Paths, and Running and Flowing Streams of Water make it an excellent location for praying to the Mother of God.

According to various Legends, The Mountain surrounding Sheshan gets its name from a Hermit by the name of She -- who lived on the Mountain.

In 1866, The Catholic Church in Shanghai built a beautiful pavilion and consecrated an Altar and a Statue to Our Lady within its precincts.

A few years later, Jesuit Priests built a Beautiful Shrine -- Church at the top of the Mountain and consecrated it to Our Lady Help of Christians.

This Shrine Church was for a number of years the First Catholic Basilica in the Far East and became a popular pilgrimage site for Chinese Catholics.

Credits : China's Marian Shrines

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