Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A Perspective on the Blessed Sacrament and on the 1st Letter of Saint Peter

How Great it is for the Three of Us to be here said Saint Peter to the Lord when Christ was transfigured in glory at the Holy Mountain -- namely Mount Tabor.

All Souls who come before Christ in the Blessed Sacrament must have the same attitude. How good it is for us to be here !!

We are more blessed in being chosen to keep Christ company in the Blessed Sacrament than Peter was as a witness to His Transfiguration.

Here, Christ conceals His Glory from our special senses -- namely Eyes so that in faith we can come to Him.

Christ hides his Beauty and His Glory because He wants us to love Him for Himself. He becomes a Beggar in appearance, so that we may be rich supernaturally.

What happens now is the Transfiguration in reverse. Every Moment, that you spend before Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, Christ transfigures your soul and your heart with His glory making you extremely beautiful in heaven.

Here, as at Mount Tabor Christ points us Heavenward, while giving Human Souls the grace and the strength to carry their Cross on Planet Earth.

Here, We are taught the "Great Value of Suffering".

Like Fire that transforms everything to be one with it, so also suffering transforms us and makes us have a "Perfect Union with Christ" as it purifies and cleanses us from Pride and Selfishness and Vanity.

Here, We offer to Christ Our Sufferings so that He may make them into "Salutary Graces" to be given to Souls to be drawn to His Eucharistic Heart.

Finally, As the Holy Apostles were privileged to be witnesses to His Transfiguration, We are specially privileged to be in his Divine Eucharistic Presence.

Credits :

Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament
By Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament
Eucharistic Holy Hour Two
"Introduction on the 1st Letter of Saint Peter"
Year 1997 

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