Thursday, 13 July 2017

A Perspective on the Blessed Sacrament and on the Personality of Saint John

John is the "Blessed" Apostle whom Christ brought close to Himself on Maundy Thursday Night.

At the Last Supper Discourse, as John reclined not far from the Heart of Christ He felt the deep personal love of the God - Man.

As, He rested on the Saviour's Heart, He took a conscious decision to drink from the living waters of "Godly Love" that flowed from the Heart of Christ.

From Henceforth, John saw himself "Uniquely" as the one loved by the Lord. All writings of Saint John are full of themes connected to the Incarnation -- The Word Made Flesh.

The Blessed Eucharist is the continuation of Christ's dwelling on Earth.

In Saint John's Prologue, We understand the Beauty and the Meaning of the Holy Eucharist.

"Christ became Flesh and made his dwelling among us". "His Glory we have seen, coming straight from the Eternal Father".

John truly believed that Christ loved him more than anyone else He loved.

This is what Christ, wants everyone to do -- to believe in a deep rooted way that He loves us in a deep, personal, unconditional way, despite all our sins and failures of the past.

John, the much loved Apostle, represents all Human Souls. We are all special in the eyes of Christ.

Basing One's thoughts on the Holy Eucharist, each one should see themselves as the "One Christ Loved".

Let us take a look at God in a simple way. He is the one who created the Universe and yet He is the One who abases himself in the small "Sacred Host" to be our Friend forever.

Like John, Christ wants you to say in an appreciative way --

Jesus, I believe in your love for me.

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Christ, I put all my trust in You.

Credits :

Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament
By Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament
Eucharistic Holy Hour 3
Introduction on Scriptural Readings and Meditations
From the 1st Letter of Saint John
Year 1997

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