Monday, 10 July 2017

A Taste of Heavenly Paradise

The Objective of Eucharistic Adoration is the Divine Person of Our Lord, present really and substantially in the Blessed Sacrament.

He is eagerly wanting to talk to us. This Conversation between a Human Soul and Our Lord is Authentic "Eucharistic Adoration".

The Sole Door to the Heart of Jesus is Love and Love itself. Speak to Christ, about his Heavenly Father whom he loves so much as he spoke about him when he was on earth.

Speak to Christ, of his Mother Mary who He loved so much even unto death on the Cross.

We must always remember that the Eucharist is Christ as He was in the past -- several thousand years ago in Palestine, As He is now at present in the 21st Century, and as He will be in the future for years to come.

The Eucharist, then should be the 1st Point of "Our Meditations" on the various mysteries and revelations of Our Glorious Faith.

Taking that forward, it is certainly easy to find a connection between the Birth of Our Adorable Lord in the stable among the animals and His Birth on the Sacred Altar as well as in our souls and hearts.

It is easy to see that the Life which can be considered a "Hidden Life" led by Our Lord in Nazareth continues in the form of the Sacred Host in the Tabernacle.

The Sorrowful Passion of Our Divine Saviour is seen each time We Celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass day in and day out.

Finally, Let us give thanks to the Eternal Father for giving us Jesus Christ as "Our Brother and Teacher" not only on the Cross where He redeemed Mankind but most importantly in "Divine Bread".

Let us always promote His "Sacramental State" to anyone and everyone we come across along Life's Way.

Credits :

Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament
By Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament
Pages 162-173
Year 1997 

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