Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Catholicism in Mainland China

Introduction :

Catholicism was introduced in China in the Middle Ages by an Italian Jesuit Missionary called "Matteo Ricci".

Thereafter, It got an impetus from Belgian Catholic Missionaries most notably from the Missionaries of the Immaculate Heart of Mary also known as "Scheut Missionaries".

Hebei is the largest and most numerous Catholic Province in China with an estimated population of 1 Million Catholics.

Other Traditional Catholic Strongholds in Mainland China are North- Western Shaanxi, Central Shanxi, and Zhejiang Provinces -- All of them with estimated Catholic Populations of more than 200,000 each.

This is all due to the untiring efforts of Zealous Chinese Catholic Priests, Nuns, and most importantly "Catechists" who play a pivotal role in introducing Wannabe's to the Catholic Faith.

The Role of Lay Catechists in the Chinese Catholic Church :

Catechists play an "Invaluable" role in bringing Chinese Folks to the Catholic Faith.

These Catechists who live in Western China and in North - Western China mostly come from the countryside.

Their Vigorous and Rigorous Catholic Christian Life attracts non -believers to the Faith in large numbers.

These Zealous Catechists evangelize through their writings, sermons, and acts of charity when they go from one village to the other.

These Catechists who are zealous from every perspective leave their homes and spare no effort at all with regard to Evangelization.

Conclusion :

Let us pray constantly for the Catholic Church in Mainland China that they maybe one soon.

It seems to me that Han Chinese are attracted a lot to Catholicism. May their Tribe increase.

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