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Jan Tyranowski -- An Awesome Spiritual Guide

Jan Tyranowski lived in Krakow at Debniki on 15 Rozana Street. He was born in 1900.

Externally, He was no different to any other boy.

From His Childhood, Jan was given a very intense Christian Formation.

His Father was a Tailor, and had a workshop where his younger brother Edward worked too.

His Mother was a Housewife but Jan tried to major in Commerce so he could take up a Career.

From the time, He was very young He fled from crowds and from general contact with people. That was why, He left his job of book- keeping preferring to work instead as a tailor in his Father's Workshop.

For Jan, attending Mass daily and receiving Holy Communion, praying the Whole Rosary of Our Lady and spending time in meditation was what he most cherished in order to build his intimacy with God.

He was a "Monk in the World".

Poland was invaded by the Nazis during the Second World War. There were terrible sufferings and unspeakable crimes being thoughtlessly perpetrated by the Demonic Nazis.

At that point, there were hundreds of youngsters yearning for a deeper union with God.

Several of them between the ages of 14 to 25 gathered at Jan's House to pray the Rosary. They were divided into 2 sections according to their ages but they joined together to follow the "Living Rosary".

Here, They meditated on the Mysteries of the Rosary and contemplated on them trying to apply the Mysteries to their daily lives.

Each Boy was called to form another group of 15 Friends, each with a "Mystery" to be prayed in this Rosary Apostolate.

This had to be the "Revelation of a Saint".

The Priests of the Parish of Saint Stanislaus were the Salesians of Don Bosco at Debniki where Jan lived cheerfully kept saying :

"Look at Our Saint" and they also added "God's Glory resides on Rozana Street".

Like a simple Catholic Christian Layman, He drew his strength from the sublime font of the Saviour who possessed His Life completely.

He spoke only about God and how God permitted his apostolate to spring from his contemplation of the teachings of Saint Thomas Aquinas in the "Summa Theologica".

Jan helped many youngsters, plumb the depths of God. He helped them to live in union with "Him" and in His sanctifying grace that was the divine life of their souls.

When Jan died, He was only 47 years old. He suffered excruciating pain caused by a terrible infection on his arm.

His Face was radiant, as He would now see God Face to Face on that day in March 1947.

Credits and References :

Jan Tyranowski
By Paolo Risso
Pages 12-14
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June 2007
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