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The Devotion to the Precious Blood

Introduction :

It can be said that the Soul of Jesus Christ, His Body, His Blood, and His Divinity which are one with His Humanity constantly give rise to Devotions in the Church.

The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries brought forth many devotions in the Catholic Church, most notably the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus promoted by Saints like Margaret Mary Alacoque, Claude Dela Colombiere, and John Eudes.

It can be said that the Precious Blood brought forth the Church. The Grandeur of the Precious Blood can be seen in the Sacraments we have today.

The Precious Blood is the "Wealth" of the Sacred Heart and is interconnected to it.

The Precious Blood magnifies the Church in more ways than one and the Church in its turn magnifies the Precious Blood.

The Objective of the Church, like that of the Precious Blood is to be Universal.

The Church is an Institution which has been established to make the salvation of souls easier and more fruitful.

In speaking of Personalities, who based their Life on the Precious Blood -- We need to first speak about Saint Paul.

Saint Paul talks a lot about the Precious Blood and His Life based on the Precious Blood in His various Letters.

The Precious Blood gave forth to the fruit of His ''Miraculous Conversion" and Apostolate spread in many countries from Crete to Rome.

Conclusion :

Among the Church Fathers, in the early centuries of the Church -- We have Saint John Chrysostom who spoke widely of the Precious Blood in His Life in His various writings.

Among the Saints devoted to the Precious Blood, mention must be made of Saint Gertrude who said the most profound things about the Precious Blood.

Finally It was Saint Catherine of Siena who can be considered to be a Modern Day Prophet and who had a "Unique Apostolate" devoted to the Precious Blood.

She described the Precious Blood as an Important "Remedy" to the evil times we live in.

Credits :

The Precious Blood By Father Faber
Chapter 6 -- The Devotion to the Precious Blood
Pages 245-253

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