Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Kingdom of the Precious Blood as visualized by Father Faber

Introduction :

God's Life is Vast. We kneel before God in Prayer just as a Man may care to kneel down on a secluded beach worshipping or venerating God.

The same goes with the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. The Precious Blood of Jesus is vast and has Infinite Power.

The Precious Blood of Our Adorable Lord became ransom for sinful "Human Beings". The Precious Blood conquered back for the Eternal Father what was lost, forsaken, and rebellious.

To Father Faber as well as to us Mortals-- The Precious Blood cannot be separated from the Divine Life of the Eternal Father. It is the Blood of God, the Number 1 Agent of Mankind's Redemption and it has within it the Power to sanctify.

The Precious Blood can be seen in a new and true light. It is an excellent invention of God. Not only this, It stands for the Pure Nature of God and displays the magnificent Power of God.

To Father Faber, The Precious Blood stands for God's Reparation for sins committed by Human Kind as well as is an "Expression" of God's Love towards Human Beings.

The Precious Blood is a "Conqueror" of Sin and Death in more ways than one. The Invasion of Hell is complete by the Omnipotent Power of the Precious Blood.

Exiles from God and those Alienated from Him are brought home through the glorious intercession of the Precious Blood.

The Precious Blood does numerous things which are outstanding and wonderful.

It pardons the worst of sinners and builds up fruitfully God's Kingdom on Earth.

In short, It is the Crown and Throne of God's Invisible Power over Planet Earth.

Conclusion :

The Month of July is dedicated to the Precious Blood. Let us always pray to the Precious Blood and never forsake it since, it is the "Scarlet Mantle" of God's Divine Royalty.

Credits : The Precious Blood by Father Faber
                Chapter 3 The Empire of the Precious Blood
                Pages 79-83

FYI -- Father Faber was a Former Anglican who converted to Catholicism in the 19th Century in England. After his ordination as a Catholic Priest, He wrote many books on Devotional Catholicism like the Blessed Sacrament, The Precious Blood, The Foot of the Cross, etc.

He was from County Yorkshire in England and was an integral member of the London Oratory of Saint Phillip Neri. 

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