Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Transubstantiation -- Do I believe in it and appreciate it ??

Theologians describe Transubstantiation as a Positive and True Change and a substantial change of the Bread and Wine into the Adorable and Loving Body and Blood of Christ.

This happens on the Altar through the hands of a Priest who is another "Christ". In Short, This is a "Miracle" of Immense Proportions.

This Miracle of the Conversion from Bread and Wine into the beloved Body and Blood of Christ is miraculous in quality and quantity.

What do I mean by this ??

When I say Miraculous in Quantity, I mean that under ordinary circumstances The Sacred Body of Our Lord ought to have its physical dimensions but it has none.

Similarly, When I say Miraculous in Quality I am referring to its action vis - a - vis our senses. But, There is none. From a Quality Perspective -- It is invisible yet present to everyone.

The Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ is miraculous in all possible ways. The events that unfold at the Altar through the Sacred Hands of a Priest should be seen with the eyes of Faith and Nothing Else.

The Adorable Body of Our Lord -- are together whether its His Eyes, Head, Heart, or Feet.

The Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ is placed in different positions and moved up and down the Altar, yet He remains with us as "One Whole Person".

That is the Beauty of the Holy Eucharist in the Catholic Church. Our Lord is a Prisoner for us in the Tabernacle and on the Altar. He remains, the most attentive person in this Universe even while He is undergoing changes on the Altar.

Therefore, The Blessed Sacrament can be said to be the "Compendium of all Miracles".

The Sacramental Presence of Our Lord undergoes numerous changes before it is consumed by the Communicant. All these changes are "Supernatural" and wrought by Divine Means.

Let us never doubt the Sacred Presence of Our Lord.

Credits : The Blessed Sacrament by Father Faber
               The Theology of Transubstantiation
               Pages 56-60

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