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Istevan Sandor -- A Unique Martyr

Introduction : 

Istevan Sandor's Family was from the Hungarian Nobility and were deeply catholic in more ways than one.

Stephen -- Istevan in Hungarian had a pleasant and generous nature.

The Priests of His Parish noticed his good qualities and advised him to join the Salesians.

As, He grew older he wanted to dedicate himself completely to educating the youth teaching them to love Jesus Christ.

The Young Salesian :

He worked in the Railways in Hungary but he soon began to understand that he wanted to follow Christ in the footsteps of Don Bosco. He joined the Aspirantate of the Salesians where he excelled and was soon accepted into the Novitiate.

When Istevan was 20 years old, he was called up by the Army during the Second World War.

All through his Military Service, He was an Exemplary Salesian. The Barracks and the Trenches became his Oratory.

Soon after the Second World War, Hungary was suppressed by Stalin and became a Communist State.

The Property of the Catholic Church was confiscated and the Catholic Schools were taken over by the Communist Authorities.

Istevan who was working at a Salesian Printing Press at that time saved a number of Printing Machines and Furniture at a great cost to himself.

Martyr for Jesus Christ :

Istevan had to leave not only the printing press but the Salesian Community where He was an Integral Member.

His Desire was to remain faithful to Jesus Christ even unto death.

On a certain day, in July 1952 the Hungarian Police arrested him. He was in prison for about a year.

After this, at a farce of a trial He was condemned to death for subversive activity.

The reality was that He was faithful to Christ, to Don Bosco, and to his Catholic Identity.

In 1953, Istevan Sandor was hanged. He suffered under Stalin for love to Jesus Christ.

A Salesian and Martyr only for Him.

Credits and References :

Suffered under Stalin
Istevan Sandor
By Paolo Risso
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