Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Martyrs honoured in Central Vietnam

Catholics from a Central Vietnam Diocese celebrated 400 years of the Faith and remembered Martyrs who were killed for the Faith.

Three Jesuit Missionaries established the first mission station in the 1600's in Central Vietnam.

From that Mission Station, the Missionaries promoted Catholicism to all the surrounding places.

The Missionaries were responsible for the romanisation of the Vietnamese Language.

This Anniversary Event of 400 years of the Faith was aimed at remembering ancestors of present day Vietnamese Catholics who sacrificed their own lives willingly for the spread of the Catholic Faith in Central Vietnam.

More than 20,000 Catholics were martyred in Vietnam in the 18th and 19th Centuries.

Andrew Yen was the first Vietnamese who was killed for following the Catholic Faith on July 26, 1644. He was beatified by Saint Pope John Paul 2 in March 2000.

He is known as the Patron of Catholic Catechists in Vietnam.

It seems to me that the Catholic Faith is spreading rapidly in Vietnam as it is in China. 

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